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Sensory Friendly Saturday at Picture Show at Main Place Mall

We are excited to present "Sensory Friendly Saturday" at our theater in the Main Place Mall in Santa Ana, CA. We will be screening a sensory friendly show of Coco on March 3rd at 9:45AM. For this show, we will be turning the lights up and the sound down so you can get up, walk, dance, sing or shout throughout the auditorium. Bring the whole family! Read more

What is Dolby Atmos?

A Leap forward from surround sound, Dolby Atmos delivers a breakthrough experience. Encompassing sound creates fuller, more immersive audio that puts you inside the action.  Precise placement and movement of individual sounds throughout the cinema, even overhead, 
 brings the story to life. Crisply rendered speech makes it easier to hear every word of dialogue and every nuance of expression.  Below is a picture of our Dolby...
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New Theater in Fall River is now Open!

We are happy to announce that our newest theater at the SouthCoast Markeplace in Fall River, MA opened on Friday, October 27th. This is the 12th theater to join our family. It features 11 screens, electronic luxury recliners, reserved seating, freestyle coke machines, a self-service icee machine, a Dolby Atmos Sound  System, an extended concession menu and a beer & wine bar. We can't wait to have...
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