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1917 (2020) Is Certified Fresh by Rotten Tomatoes!

The movie 1917 is Certified Fresh by Rotten Tomatoes and is now playing at Picture Show Theaters! Get your tickets now In the movie two young soldiers, Blake (played by Dean-Charles Chapman) and Schofield (George MacKay), are charged with making a perilous 24-hour trek across No Man’s Land to deliver a message, warning troops of an ambush that could...
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Picture Perfect

Colorado Springs' only discount theater renovates, becomes first-run theater

The Colorado Springs Gazette "The Picture Show has upped its film game.
No longer is the cinema your go-to for cheap, second-run movies. As of the summer release of “Toy Story 4,” the longtime discount theater in Citadel Crossing is now a first-run movie destination, in the same vein as the Cinemarks and AMCs"...Read Full Article Here Read more

2019 Scholarship Awards

We are pleased to announce our 2019 Picture Show Scholarship winners!
  • Bridget – Berlin  $5,000
  • Sarah – East Windsor  $3,500
  • Odele – Grand Junction  $2,500
  • Blairiangely – Altamonte Springs  $2,500
  • Serina – East Windsor   $2,500
  • Leslie -  Altamonte Springs  $2,500
  • Jaydan -  Mesa  $2,500
Congratulations to all of the applicants! We are so proud of you and thankful that you are part of the Picture Show Family! 2018 winners 2017 winners Read more

Citadel Crossing Theater Renovations

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  • Citadel Crossing Upgrades 2019
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  • Share the Experience!
  • New luxury recliners
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In May, we began the renovation of our Colorado Springs, CO theater. We have completed the installation of new Coca-Cola Freestyle machines in our lobby and new Premier Recliners in 4 of our 8 auditoriums. We can’t wait for you to watch your next movie in comfort! We are now working on installing Premier Recliners in the remaining 4 auditoriums and renovating the hallway & lobby. We appreciate your patience during this project and cannot wait for you to enjoy our theater once we are finished.