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Welcome! We are a family friendly movie theatre that provides entertainment at affordable prices. We have twelve locations located across the country. We proudly provide a bright atmosphere, fresh popcorn and smiling engaging employees to enhance your experience. We strive to have a culture that is centered on the development and encouragement of our young employees (first jobs for many) so that our guests are cared for by amazing staff that support each other and understand that essence of Share the Experience. We also strive to provide exceptional value to our guests by providing the latest in movie projection, sound and seating technology while providing admission and concession prices that are typically the lowest in the market. We want families to be able to Share the Experience of Hollywood’s amazing productions, all together and more often, without breaking their budget. All of our theatres are entirely digital surround sound and projection with 3D capability. And, each location has affordable concession prices with $1 hot dogs and popcorn combos that can fit any budget. Trust that we know that it is an honor to be able to Share The Experience of entertainment with you!


  • Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

    Operating hours for each location on Thanksgiving Day are as follows.

    • Altamonte Springs-Open at 4:00PM
    • Berlin-Open at 11:15AM
    • Bloomingdale-Open at 11:15AM
    • Colorado Springs-Open at 4:00PM
    • East Windsor-Open at 11:15AM
    • Fall River-Open at 11:15AM
    • Grand Junction-Open at 11:15AM
    • Marietta-Open at 4:00PM
    • Mesa-Open at 11:15AM
    • Phoenix-Open at 11:15AM
    • Prescott-Open at 11:15AM
    • Santa Ana-Open at 11:15AM

    We will have normal hours on the day after Thanksgiving.

    Thank you for your patronage and we ... Continue reading...

  • Harry Potter Marathon at Select Locations

    Greeting Muggles! We invite you to experience the wizarding world of Harry Potter on the big screen again! We are excited to announce that over the next 3 weeks we will be playing all 8 Harry Potter movies and Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them in Bloomingdale, Berlin, East Windsor, Fall River and ... Continue reading...

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